Why We Started

During the Tubbs Fire of 2017, we ran a team of trucks and trailers to get animals out of fire zones across 5 counties in Northern California. We had to figure out ways to work with officials to gain access, since there was no plan for an emergency like this. Watch one of our original news interviews for more of this story, by clicking Here.

What Now?

We are here to help change that. We are meeting with sheriff's departments, local fire, working with CalFire firemen, and developing systems for future emergencies because it is our goal to be a resource for humans to be able to get their livestock to safety in an efficient, safe, and trustworthy manner.

How We're Helping

The only good thing about these fires was how the community came together to help and support eachother. Our nonprofit sprung up from the need during these fires. Our crew of haulers was working 24 hours a day since Day 1. They earned the nickname "Team Badass" in the media, though to them, they were just doing what needed to be done. Saving animals, large and small.

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Get Involved

Although many animals were rescued, clearance issues and roadblocks hampered evacuation efforts. This means animals being left in the line of fire.

This 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is dedicated to providing rescue, evacuation, and rebuilding needs to the agricultural and animal community. We are also working with officials to make sure this doesn't happen like this again. Are you passionate about this, too? Let us know! We need your voice to help us make a solid action plan a reality.

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Thank You

We owe a huge thank you to our dedicated Volunteer Haulers! Our Haulers helped evacuate 1000's of livestock and domestic animals from the NorCal wildfires, and reunite them with their owners. We call them "Team Badass" for good reason.

Whether you help through letters to officials, spreading the word about our group, monetary donations, or volunteering your time, we thank you. It takes a village to make a difference, and we need the future to be different in the face of the next emergency. We can't do it without your support.

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Get your very own "Team Badass" shirt, hot off the press!

"The media quickly picked up on my nickname for the haulers network we had going. Team Badass became the short description of who we are" says Shelina Moreda.

Contact us at norcalevac@gmail.com to order yours!

Next Steps...

Your donation helps our mission to create a better system in the future, take care of animals in need, and to be able to reimburse our vetted, Volunteer Haulers for their fuel costs.

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