Hauler Training & Vetting Course


  • Animal Behavior in Emergencies course
  • Trucks & Trailers in Fire Zones course
  • Dates as announced (these are by invitation only)
  • 8am-5pm, hour lunch break
  • Please plan to bring a sack lunch
  • West Petaluma
  • Classroom and field assessments
  • Outdoors with ample room for social distance
  • Receive a big discount with an annual NCLES membership
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NorCal Livestock Evacuation trainings will cover tips and tricks that we have learned about animals in the fire zone. This is an opportunity for our haulers to get on the same page so that the officials we work with know we all speak the same emergency-evacuation-language throughout our organization.

On select dates through the year, we will offer our full Hauler Training Course with both the Animal Behavior in Emergencies and the Trucks & Trailers in Fire Zones course. Location is in West Petaluma; address will be provided upon registration. Schedule is from 8am-5pm with an hour lunch break around 12pm. Please plan to bring a sack lunch. The morning will consist of classroom sessions, and the afternoon will be field assessments. Course fees are $55, and as a first time special with an annual membership you will receive a one-time $25 discount.


Here is a quick recap of our courses: Animal Behavior in Emergencies, Trucks & Trailers in Fire Zones, and our condensed FEMA course.

Animal Behavior in Emergencies

  • Focuses on the science behind how animals act and react while in stressful situations.
  • Learn how to move around and handle various species, load them in a trailer, and protocols to keep both the hauler and animals safe.
  • Includes classroom and field portions.

Trucks & Trailers in Fire Zones

  • Focuses on how to handle, maneuver, and escape a vehicle while in evacuation zones.
  • Emphasis is on safely being able to enter and exit properties, reading the road, noticing topographic aspects in order to stay safe and out of emergency personnel’s way.
  • Includes classroom and field portions.

Our condensed FEMA course

  • Highlights important aspects of the various FEMA certifications that will help prepare you for entering fire zones.
  • This course does not guarantee that you will pass the FEMA tests but will act as a study guide to prepare you.
  • Includes classroom presentation and time to take the tests.
  • Date TBD, so keep an eye out for that announcement!

To register, please visit *. Remember, membership is required in order to register for our trainings. To become a member, private message our Facebook page and we will send you our membership application.

NCLES Annual Membership is $65 and includes various perks:

  • Access to our training courses
  • Discount on first Hauler Training Course
  • Team Badass t-shirt
  • Subscription to NCLES quarterly newsletter
  • You’ll be placed on our database as either a hauler or haulee, so that you’re already a part of our network any time there is a fire near us.
  • and more!
  • Membership dues support haulers, dispatchers, and burned animal vet bills

Please plan to bring your own truck and trailer for the Hauler Training Course. If that is not a possibility, one will be on hand for the field assessment to use. We will be working with large animals so please dress accordingly: long pants and shoes that cover your toes (preferably boots).


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