People often ask how they can support the cause, and there are a lot of ways!

  • Get the Word Out
  • Donate Financially
  • Donate Equipment & Supplies
  • Volunteer
  • Scroll down for more details…

One of the best ways you can support us is to help get the word out that there is a service like this… and that there is no cost for emergency evacuations. Ever. People don’t know who to call, and things turn out a lot better if they know ahead who to turn to. You can send them this picture of our business card.

NorCal Livestock Evacuation Hauler Business Card

You can also Donate to keep NorCal Livestock Evac rolling!

Want to take it a step further? We’ve been asked for a list of items we need, so that people can donate them if they have them available. You are welcome to donate toward specific items you’d like to see the team have, as well.

List of current needs, in no particular order:

  • Bowls or small buckets so we can leave water out for displaced animals & wildlife. Plastic, disposable, whatever.
  • Foldable animal crates
  • Silver Sulfadiazine
  • Water carriers
  • Things that families have lost, like saddles, blankets, halters, water buckets, or items like that, in new or very good used condition.
  • Turnouts for A Team
  • Radios
  • Horse Tack donations for one of the families who’s lost everything
  • Aluminum dog ramp for use at Petaluma Fairgrounds
  • Chainsaws
  • Command Center – (or an RV that we could remodel to be a command center, so we can dispatch, charge radios, display maps, and have a place for haulers to sleep, and eat all in the same place at our Base Camp)
  • Pillow cases (used ones in good shape please. We have a great recycling use for them)
  • Gas Cards for Haulers
  • Portable shoot/squeeze for the Petaluma Fairgrounds
  • Veterinary Fund (see description below)

Evac Kit Needs:

  • Portable chargers
  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Hardback Notebooks
  • Buckets
  • Pocket Knives
  • Rope Halters
  • Adjustable Calf Halters (the kind that can fit cows to calves to llamas to goats)
  • Lead Ropes
  • Dog Collars/Leashes
  • Snacks and snacks to hand out to people locked in the fire zone
  • Flame retardant shirts
  • Flares
  • Basic tool set
  • Bolt cutters
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Headlamps
  • Something to cut back trees… even a saw (or chainsaw)


Want to contribute in another way?

We try to pay vet bills for any burned animal we bring out of the fire zone, and this is the number one thing any cash donations go toward. If you’d like to contribute toward this fund, we are happy to let you know that we do our best not to have any person we’ve hauled for have to deal with vet bills after such a loss as happens during these fires.

Rivertown Feed in Petaluma has an account open for NorCal Livestock Evacuation as we are paying for lots and lots of feed for hundreds of animals, and vet bills for many. You’re welcome to call and ask for Kendra, and add to the “NorCal Livestock Evac feed account”. Or donate here with a note that says “for animal feed”.

During fires, the amazing volunteers at Petaluma Fairgrounds pull 24 hour shifts at their evac center, and could really use lunches and dinners from any local restaurants. They support us big time, housing hundreds of animals that we haul in, so helping them helps us. Healthy food would keep them fueled up. (Thanks to Lagunitas for hooking them, and us, up in the past!) You can have food delivered there from any local restaurant for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and your helping them, helps us in turn! You can also drop off snacks there, like apples, snack bars, dried fruits, etc.

We know everyone wants to show support in some way, so we’re just putting this out there to let you know the things that are needed in case you’d like to contribute too. You can always email us at for what we know are the most current needs.

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