NorCal Livestock Evac
- in response to -
Northern California Wildfires

About Us

Photo of Babydoll Sheep at Petaluma Fairgrounds, by Shelina Moreda

What we Do

We evacuate animals from active California Wildfires zones and help rebuild after. We are a group of volunteers, many raised on a farm, who care very much about animals. We are a newly official non-profit organization, so that we can ensure these efforts are carried on efficiently. We are NorCal Livestock Evac.

You can reach us by email at or via the contact form below. 

Photo of Jossee the Donkey at the fairgrounds, by Shelina Moreda

Our Future

We will begin training and community meetings to build from our experiences, and bring in officials that are necessary in helping the next emergency efforts run smoother and more efficiently through this non-profit, so that we can save more animals at NorCal Livestock Evacuation.

Our non-profit board members are Adrianna Novelo, Elizabeth Bohan, Shelina Moreda, Melanie Lourme, Cyd Ross, Cody Strode, Sean Stockton, Ethan Stockton, and Jorden Searle. Our team is nearly 100 haulers strong, and everyone stepped up in the time of need during these devastating Northern California Wildfires. We welcome new members, as it will take a village to make a positive difference.

Photo of Adrianna Novelo with a llama, during the Northern California wildfires, by Shelina Moreda

How to Help

If you would like to help out, please reach out to us. We have an amazing crew of all volunteers who have been paying for their own fuel and taking time off work on their own accord to get as many animals to safety as possible. After many people have asked how to help with donations, we have finally agreed to set up a paypal account to help our volunteers continue helping the animals, and to help us rebuild and bring feed to animals who's homes have burned up. If you would like to donate, we have a temporary setup since we are a new organization; you can donate to our PayPal through, and we will have an official donate button here on the website in the next 24 hours as a more permanent option.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission to save more animals and help rebuild the community.

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NorCal Livestock Evacuation